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The similarity between the two musicals in terms of the role of the music is as explained below. I want songs have been used in both musicals to describe what the character desires and in some case their motivation . In “Lend me a tenor” I want song has been used by Maggie to indicate

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Exposition songs have been used in “the 25th annual Putnam County spelling bee” when the main characters- the six contestants were being introduced to the audience by Rona (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee). They have also been used in “Lend me a tenor” when Tito Merelli is supposed to perform at the Cleveland

Recognise the wilderness by employing art form career. Story of Art and It’s Building

The video describes how some art works emerged and how they were concluded. The video seems to call for limited freedom for the artist globally. The speaker talks of cases where art has been used for the negative motive, like in demonstrations, strikes and rebellions. He calls for limitation in freedom of speech.  Creative art

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The finale as a song choice has been used to end both musicals. The “Finale” in “the 25th annual Putnam County spelling bee” and “Lend me a tenor – reprise” has been used to ensure the end of the scene ends in an energetic manner .  Craft fairs give a chance for prospective buyers you

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I totally agree with the speaker. To some extent freedom of speech should be limited. Most are the times that many people suffer from stereotypical opinions, bullying and racial discrimination.Freedom of speech is at times taken advantage of. It is not easy to be free and kind at the same time because many people are

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There are also some differences between the two musicals given the song type and choice and their roles. There has been use of I am songs which can be used by the characters to introduce themselves to the audience, to express how they feel at the moment, characters discover something about them and may also

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Occasionally swearing in public becomes a nuisance especially when it embarrasses other people or hurts their feelings all in the name of freedom of expression. Also, freedom of speech without limits can be disrespectful and offensive to the state or authorities, and it also makes people arrogant and selfish. We have seen freedom of speech

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The incorporation of music and dancing into films or plays has varied reactions according to different viewers or audiences. The two musicals in question “Lend me a tenor” and “the 25th annual Putnam County spelling bee” have similarities and differences not only in the plot of the story but also in the choice of song.

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The two examples show development of the characters but there was an instance when “pandemonium” was played and repeated again that shows no dramatic effect (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee).  Art form fairs supply you with a chance for potential customers you could use a terrific various artworks inserted using one particular rooftop.

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This happens due to a lot of things like religion, culture, social classes and last but not least, power. It claims that, it is only through a clear and deep understanding of the interaction that exist between such forces that art can move to a better position to solve the controversies that surround places of